Rodmans offers a wide range of services spanning from minor handyman jobs to large scope project management works that can transform your home or business and add value to your property.
Whether it be an entire home renovation that’s necessary or that small job you have just never got around to doing, no job is too big or too small for our team.
The multi skilled nature of our business means we can oversea all aspects of any project from: plumbing, carpentry, tiling, electrical work, decorating, plastering & large scale structural works.
See below for further details on the services we offer:

Extensions, Loft Conversions & Project Management

Sometimes you need to spruce things up and an extension or a loft conversion to your existing property can completely transform your home or business. Rodmans have overseen many loft conversions and property extensions for property owners who have either gone on to sell their property with guaranteed added value or continued to live in their transformed homes.

Rodmans understands that each client has their own set of needs and requires a unique tailored project plan and we happily cater to every one of our clients’ needs whilst maintaining the utmost professionalism and producing the best results.

Our project managers are the best in the business and will guide you through the project or transformation from start to finish. No question, query or demand is overlooked and our project managers are always available and on-hand to make sure that you are satisfied as a client.

Rodmans have worked with numerous clients as well as specialists over our many years or experience including surveyors, designers, and architects. We can also recommend specialists that are the best in the field to work on your project or home if you wish.

Bathrooms & Kitchens

Updating a bathroom or kitchen can entirely transform and up-the-value of your home. Whether you want to sell your property or whether you simply feel it is time to make some changes to your home to create a more comfortable and stylish environment, Rodmans will help transform your bathroom or kitchen according to your needs.

Rodmans have worked on classic and contemporary styled homes and will always design a bathroom or kitchen according to your desires and everyday needs.

A bathroom rehaul can add massive value to your property as well as make you feel more comfortable and happier in your home. We build and transform bathrooms for projects of a wide range of budgets to five-star hotel standards.

Kitchens are often the heart of a property and by transforming a kitchen you not only add value to your home but you can also make your entire home feel new again.

Rodmans only works with materials of the utmost quality and design, and we have longstanding relationships with all of our suppliers which enables us to get the best possible prices and quality of materials to work with, from start to finish.


The founder of Rodmans himself has one of the best carpentry portfolios and has a longstanding footprint in the carpentry industry.

Our professional and experienced carpenters can carry out any form of carpentry you require in your home. We can also provide solutions to your joinery or design problems that will help you utilise the space in your property in the best way possible. Sometimes all you need is the right storage, bespoke wardrobe or shelving to make transformative changes to your home.

Rodmans has designed and fitted beautiful wooden flooring for its many projects over the years according to its clients’ needs.

Rodmans also helps fit and build:

Doors, Sash windows, Cabinets, Built-in wardrobes, Cabinets, Radiator covers, Joinery


Rodmans offers professional and reliable plumbling services, whether it be part of a larger project on your property or a smaller one-off job. We deal with minor or major problems by identifying the root cause of a leak via thorough investigation. Our experienced plumbers are trained to work with all sort of plumbing systems, even for the most contemporary and/or older homes. They work with and are provided with the best required equipment and tools to maintain the most effective service, including dealing with:

  • Major and minor Leaks
  • Taps, toilets, showers, sinks and tanks
  • Pumps and showers, as well as all other bathroom works
  • Appliance installation
  • Radiator replacement and bleeding


Sometimes a paint job can do the trick! Improving your property through decorating can provide the quickest, easiest and most instant transformation for your home. Rodmans provides all kinds of decorating services for both the exterior and interior of your property, with the highest standards in mind.

Plastering & Tiling

We offer plastering and tiling services that cover all areas from skimming, dry-lining, rendering and plastering and tiling.

Rodmans skilled teams are armed with the best and most contemporary of qualifications, meaning they can offer advice and services to cater to every design or property including every form of tiling including mosaic tiling. We will make sure that the property is structurally fit before we do any decorating or plastering or tiling work.

Rodmans makes sure that even its smallest of amendments is made to last a lifetime.

Handyman Services

Our professional teams provide handyman services of all kinds.

Rodmans has and continues to maintain properties full-time, providing 24/7 handyman services by taking over the maintenance of your home entirely if you wish.

We also understand that our clients may not need a large, complex, or lengthy job done and sometimes a lending skilled hand is all that is needed. That is why we offer a handyman service that can tackle even the smallest one-off jobs or continue to carry out maintenance for a project or home for a long period of time.

We have teams that can help with any of your properties bits, bobs, and needs.