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Rodmans takes pride in building exceptional homes and buildings tailored to our clients’ needs.
We maintain the highest standards throughout our design and building phases, to ensure we produce comfortable and sustainable projects, whilst also protecting the welfare of our employees. Rodmans is dedicated to serving both its clients and local communities to the best of our ability and we strive to work in partnership with the community in which we operate whenever we can, whether it be by providing work opportunities or our commitment to the environment.
Rodmans is hailed for its commitment to environmentally friendly construction practices and green-space keeping. We believe that it is possible for construction to allow businesses and people to thrive and grow by building homes that offer occupants comfort, durability, cost efficiency and functionality in an eco-friendly manner—the properties we build are built to last in an ever-changing world.
Rodmans knows that every client is different, and that every project is different. With each property we build, we know the life-long impact it can have on an individual, family, or business—so getting it right is our top priority. The key to this is good project management, and our services deliver this by offering:

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